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FREE!! Cute Trendy Statement Earrings "Pearlie's" in White Rose Black Caramel and Pink

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FREE Statement stud earrings after the fashion design 2017 earrings from Dior. You only pay for shipping. Offers apply while stock last.
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Colors: black, caramel, lemonade pink, white and rose
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Back Finding: Push-back
  • Earring Type: Stud Earrings
  • Cute earrings easy to match with a trendy, casual, elegant, classic or even a sexy outfit.

What are rhinestones? Well, rhinestones look similar to diamonds with the difference they nowadays thay are made of glass. They glitter and shine Just like a real diamond. In many European countries they are also known as strass. It is used for jewelry but also for other accessories such as belts, scarfs, hats, epoulettes but they are also used for clothing or even shoes. Rhinestones come in many different colors, so that is the beauty of it. How do you keep them shiny? Put them after use in a jewelry box and from time to time clean them gentle with a soft cleaning cloth.

What are gemstones? Gemstones are minerals that after a certain process are used for jewelry. There are many types of gemstones and in so many different colors and color nuances. They are beautiful to wear because of their natural beauty. And so because of their different colors it makes it even more attractive to match your gemstones jewelry to your outfit. This way you can change your jewelry more often and match it with the fashion colors. But even so , one gorgeous piece of gemstone will complete your style in such a way that you don’t need any more jewelry. And how do you keep your gemstones jewelry beautiful? By simply let the jewelry piece first bath a few minute in a very, very gentle soapy water and than use a very soft toothbrush to gentle clean it. Don’t brush but massage your jewelry piece very softly. After that rinse it under water that is about the same temperature as the soapy bath. Than polish with a very soft cloth.

What kind of crystal is it? There are two types of crystal that are used for jewelry. One is glass crystal and the other is gemstone crystal. Glass crystals are also called rhinestones. They are faceted to give them a magic sparkle so they can be used for making beautiful jewelry. Gemstone crystals are natural stones as found in the earth like amethyst or citrine they will be cut, shaped and polished. Because every type of stone has a unique radiance they are also used for balancing certain areas of the body and/or mind. When their radiance than meets the radiance area of the body it invites the area of the body t oresonate with the stone radiance. As a result often stress and/or pain in the area of the body disapears. Because of their impact on the body people nowadays use more and more often a gemstone for healing certain areas. Another big aspect of gemstones is because of their radiance they also have an impact on the state of mind. So for instance when someone is anxious carrying a jewelry piece with Epidolite can help make someone feel more relaxed. So they can also have a huge effect on emotions. Another aspect of gemstone jewelry is, is that it is safe to wear without the side-effects of medication.

And what about pearls? The natural pearls are created by an oyster or molusk that languish in water and feed on plankton. Occassionaly while they feed a parasite will come into the soft inner body of the oyster. At that moment the defense meganism of the oyster starts to protect itself and begins to produce a smooth crystalling substance around the parasite known as nacre layer upon layer. After a years the parasite is totally covered and has become a pearl. The most expensive and biggest pearls are found along the coast of Australia. Simulated pearls or imitation pearls nowadays are coated with a varnish that makes it hard for the human eye to tell the difference.

What is resin? The resin that is often used for jewelry is synthetic, made of pvc or silicone. It is lightweight and durable.

What is zinc alloy? Zinc alloy is also known as Tibetan silver. It is a blend of metals to make it look old. It does not contain silver as the real Tibetan silver, that is why the price is much lower than the real Tibetan silver. But on the other hand you can buy more jewelry pieces to change. The zinc alloy blend can contain lead or nickel. Or when these are left out of the blend it will be mentioned specifically in the paragraph of the product. When there is no lead or nickel it can be referred to as  hypoallergenic jewelry. Zinc alloy can be best preserved in a small jewelry box or sachet with a silica gel packet to absorp any moist.

What backings do the earrings I like have?

Push back earrings are perfect for light weight or small earrings. Often used for classic small pearl earrings.

5 colors brand double side imitation pearl fashion earring trendy cute charm pearl statement ball stud grandePush back

Screw back earrings look exactly like the push back except the back of the earring is a removable screw. That is why it is safe and therefore often  used for diamond earrings or expensive earrings.

What are hinged hoop earrings? These are earrings have a hinged post that snaps into the back of the earring. Common for round and light weight earrings.

Leverback what are they? Well lever backs are often used for drop earrings or dangles. The lever hings in the ear and closes with a hinge.

The French clip you don’t see very often but is mostly used for diamond earrings or expensive earrings for an elegant touch.

Latch back earrings have the shape of a fish hook. It goes through the ear and closes upwards in the in the back of the earring. Because this is a very secure closure it is very much used for diamond earrings and very expensive earrings as it is very unlikely to loose them.





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